Art a GoGo Podcast #29 – We visit The Getty Villa, LACMA for the David Hockney Portraits exhibition, and hang by the pool out at the Mosaic Hotel

Show Notes:
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The Getty Villa – Malibu, CA

“The beauty one can find in art is one of the pitifully few real and lasting products of human endeavor.”
– J. Paul Getty

Link to The Getty
Statue of a Kouros
Victorious Youth
The Lansdowne Herakles

Los Angeles County Musuem of Art (LACMA)

“Interviewer: Love is certainly at the center of tolerance. They’re intertwined, in a certain way. It helps you appreciate difference.
David Hockney: Yes. And that’s probably why I do portraits. Everybody’s different; they look different, and are different. Maybe deep, deep down we’re all the same. But on the surface we seem to be different, don’t we?”
– Interview with Lest Strong

Link to LACMA
David Hockney Portraits – Through September 4, 2006
– David Hockney Artwork with Commentary

Mosaic Hotel – Beverly Hills

Production Note:
– This podcast was recorded on location in Malibu and Los Angeles using our new Marantz PMD660. There’s a bit of over modulation in the recording, so hang with us as we find the right recording levels.

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