Art a GoGo Podcast #28 – Interview with Clark Whittington, Founder of Art-o-mat

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Interview with Clark Whittington, Founder of Art-mat
On the show, we have the pleasure of talking to Clark Whittington the Founder of Art-o-mat. Art-o-mat restores vintage cigarette machines that sell original art for $5 to $7. The machines are a work of art in their own right! “Art-o-mat is based on the concept of taking art and ‘repackaging’ it to make it part of our daily lives” ( Art-o-mat features miniature works of art (paintings, sculputures, photography, etc.) from over 400 artists worldwide.

Link to Art-o-mat
Link to Techno Gaia

Styrogami by Jules Vitali
– Scott Blake: Bar Code Art

Space by Art-o-mat
Space by Art-o-mat
Portland, ME

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Production Note:
– The interview with Clark Whittington was recorded using Skype and HotRecorder. You may notice a small amount of echo on our side, but overall the call was very clear. As always, thanks for listening and thanks for staying subscribed!

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