Art a GoGo Podcast #18 – Lost Art Salon

Show Notes:
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We Visit The Lost Art Salon in San Francisco
– The Lost Art Salon in San Francisco features original paintings, drawings, and objects of art from the 1900’s to the 1960’s
– Interview with Rob Delamater, one of the Co-founders of the Lost Art Salon.
– We talk to Rob about how the Lost Art Salon was launched and the philosophy behind the business.
– What makes the Lost Art Salon different than a regular gallery?

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Art in the News
– The winner of the Turner Prize: It’s a shed, it’s collapsible, it floats and (with help from a bike) it’s the winner (from the Guardian)
– More on the Turner Prize: Art or craft? (from the Guardian)
Almost a saint. Fra Angelico was the model of a self-effacing medieval monk, whose art was an expression of religion. How is it, Jonathan Jones asks, that his name and his genius are still celebrated 550 years on? (from the Guardian)
Disabled artists’ inspiration flows in full color at center ‘Outsider art’ genre seen as unrestrained by societal pressure (from SF Gate)

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Close with Music by The Candy Butchers
– Song: Give Me a Second Chance for Christmas
– Link to the Candy Butchers on the Podsafe Music Network

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