Art a GoGo Podacast #48 – Recession and the Art World

Show Notes:
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The Recession and its Impact on the Art World

Museums struggling during economic downturn
$787bn American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by President Obama on 17 February
Sky-High Chinese Art Market Comes Back To Earth
The Maastricht fine art fair Optimism and Jitters at Art Fair in Europe
Free admission: a luxury we can’t afford?
The recession and US museums

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Stay tuned…we’re plotting a comeback

Hi All,

We haven’t fallen off of the face of the planet, although it probably seems that way. We’re in the process of gearing up for a new season of Art a GoGo podcasts, so please stay tuned.

Late last year, our trusty Dell tower finally died after 7 years of service. That led us to a new computer and the wonderful world of Windows VISTA…a world of planned obsolescence where we found that our existing recording technology was relegated to the junk pile.

This has always been a labor of love, so we’ll get there as time permits.


Doug and Kathleen