Art a GoGo Podcast #41 – More Questions than Answers

Show Notes:
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NaNoWriMo – Kathleen is a winner…she wrote a 50,000 word novel as part of the National Novel Writing Month!!!
“Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock?” – Documentary about Terry Horton’s quest to prove that a painting that she bought at a thrift shop was painted by Jackson Pollock
Link to Paul Biros article about Terry Horton’s painting
“My Kid Could Paint That” A film by Amir Bar-Lev
Link to Marla Olmstead’s web site (includes video of clip’s of Marla painting)
Guggenheim Museum color change controversy: contempoeary light gray or original light yellow (NPR Audio)
Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) – Detroit Museum Accused of ‘Dumbing Down’ Art (NPR Audio)
– Smithsonian Institution – Smithsonian Faces Steep Maintenance Bill (NPR Audio)

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