Art a GoGo Podcast #35 – Olympic Sculpture Park + Links to Useful Art Resources

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Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle

Link to Olympic Sculpture Park
Description of Works of Art in the Seattle Sculpture Park
Seattle Times Guide to Seattle Sculpture Park

Artaissance – � Search art for your home by genre, color, size, style

Dress Code for New ‘Art Gallery:’ PJ’s and Fuzzy Slippers?

Links to Useful (and fun) Art Resources

WWW Virtual Library Museums: You’ll find that this site has it all, including links to museums worldwide.
ArtLex: This web site is described as a “visual arts dictionary.” It includes 3,100 definitions for art terminology.
Grove Dictionary of Art Online: Offers �comprehensive, reliable information on all aspect of world art.� 34 volumes in publishe form! Free trial but password usually required at some point. Accessible through college libraries.
Artcyclopedia: An extremely comprehensive site that has compiled an index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources.
Art History Resources on the Web: You could get lost on this site for days! A top art history education site with links to all art movements as well as research resources. Students will find this site particularly useful.
Voice of the Shuttle: UCSB English Department
Giorgio Vasari’s ‘The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects’: Giorgio Vasari (1511-74) is credited with writing the first contemporary biographies of some of the most important artists of the Italian Renaissance including Brunelleschi, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Timeline of Art History: This is probably the best researched art site available on the Internet today.
Museum of Bad Art: A fun web site after you have spent a lot of time looking at the “good stuff.” MOBA has stated its purpose as “the collection, exhibition, and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory.”
Art Historians’ Guide to the Movies: Want to know what know-it-all art historians have to say about the use of art and architecture in the movies? Then check out this web site.
Museum of Online Museums: On this site you will find links to traditional museums and exhibitions but you will also have fun exploring some eclectic sites such as Manhole Covers of the World, The Grocery List Collection, or The Museum of Useful Things.
– Link to Thrift Store Art

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