Art a GoGo Podcast #32 – Back to Basics: Art in the News!

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Back to basics…All Art News today!

A Most Famous Work of Art – a video by Chris Ivanyi
Link to The Digital Michelangelo Project
Michelangelo�s David on Wikipedia

Casino magnate gives Picasso’s dream the elbow (Yahoo)
Wynn to keep, restore damaged Picasso (Yahoo)
Renaissance masterpiece to show in U.S. (Yahoo)
Velazquez exhibition garners record advance sales (Yahoo)
Helter-skelter ride comes to Tate Modern (Yahoo)
Sliding Through the Art at London’s Tate Modern (NPR)
Mona Lisa’s double comes to London gallery (Yahoo)
News of the Weird (Week of 10/15/06) – Germany’s Der Spiegel reported from Dafen in August that a “reasonably skillful copy of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ sells for (about $50). Buy 100, and the price goes down to (about $33 each).”

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