Art a GoGo Podcast #39 – Interview with Artist Jason Polan

Show Notes:
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Interview with Artist Jason Polan

We have the pleasure of interviewing artist Jason Polan, creator of the book entitled “The Every Piece Of Art in The Museum Of Modern Art Book.”

Links discussed during the show:

Link to Jason Polan’s website
“The Every Piece Of Art in The Museum Of Modern Art Book”
Julian Opie (animation)
Tillamook Cheddar (canine artist/Jack Russell terrier)
Link to David Shrigley

Here are some of Jason’s favortie links:

“1. This is a club that I am in. We are having a quarter decade celebration the whole month of October! Taco Bell Drawing Club
2. I am also a proud member of this club in Detroit. The Detroit Stereographic Society
3. Fritz Swanson, who wrote the article in Slash Magazine designs this weekly site
4. This is Derek Erdman’s site, he makes a lot of good paintings in Chicago
5. This is Shawn Creeden’s site who is a good artist
6. This is the site that posted a portion of the giraffe film (made with Meredith Zielke) and had a giraffe drawing contest (they make outstanding compilation dvd’s)
7. This is the train that I travelled with for a bit last year”

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