Art a GoGo Podcast #2

Show Notes:
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– “King Tut: Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” at LACMA: Now – August 28

– Tim Hawkinson at LACMA: June 26 – August 28
– Photographs of Tim Hawkinson’s art on The Whitney Museum’s website
– Video clips of Tim Hawkinson from PBS series Art:21

Sister Wendy
Sister Randy
Dan Hanna (Creator of Sister Randy)

– Art in the News:
King Tut Looks too White Activists Say
Artists Cover Up Ads to Provoke Discussion
Mexican Fever to Hit London with Rare Frida Kahlo Exhibition
Elvis-a Rama Musuem

– Supporting the Arts. National Institute for Art & Disabilities (NIAD) .
– Art a GoGo story from 2000: NIAD: Art that makes a difference.

– Closing song: “Hello Brother, Hello Sister” by the Bulldogs
– Heard the song on Accident Hash Podcast . Great tune…thanks to C.C. Chapman for featuring the song!

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– Audio comment line: 206-600-GoGo (4646)
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– Intro song “Open Your Mouth” courtesy of Secret Dakota Ring

Post show comments:
– Correction. I mangled our discussion about podsafe music. I meant to say that it’s music that’s safe to play on podcasts, but said radio.
– We’re still working on the audio levels, which seem a bit low. Hang in there with us as we continue to tweak with the audio settings.

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