Art a GoGo Podcast #26 – John Myatt: The Biggest Art Con of the 20th Century

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Interview with John Myatt
We had the pleasure of interviewing British artist John Myatt. Myatt along with his former partner John Drewe are responsible for what is described by many to be the biggest art con of the 20th Century.

The story has caught the imagination of Hollywood, with no less than two movies in the works. Michael Douglas’ film titled Art Con is currently in development. It was also announced last week that producers Jay Weston and Fred Levinson had purchased the rights to do a John Myatt biopic, which may start filiming by the end of the year.

– Link to John Myatt’s web site Genuine Fakes
John Myatt on Wikipedia
The Master Forger (Guardian)
Hollywood eyes British art faker’s tale (Yahoo!)

John Myatt

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