Art a GoGo Podcast #23 – Washington, DC

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1. Rogier van der Weyden
Portrait of a Lady, c. 1460
2. Rogier van der Weyden
Portrait of a Lady details
3. Gerard ter Borch II
The Suitor’s Visit, c. 1658
4. Rembrandt van Rijn
Self-Portrait, 1659
5. Johannes Vermeer
A Lady Writing, c. 1665
6. Edgar Degas
The Dance Lesson, 1879
7. Claude Monet
Waterloo Bridge, Gray Day, 1903
8. Andy Goldsworthy
Roof, 2004-2005

Feature Exhibition at the National Gallery of Art
Dada: Zurich, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, New York, and Paris
– Washington, DC
February 19–May 14, 2006
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
June 8–September 11, 2006

Art Terms Discussed
Asymmetrical Balance
Complementary colors

Podsafe Music to Close the Show
– Artist: Hotrod Cadets (Glasgow Scotland)
– Song: My Heart Sinks
Hotrod Cadets on the Podsafe Music Network
Link to the Hotrod Cadets website

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