Mark McGowan’s Next Target: Pollution

Artist Mark McGowan is at it again. He’s known for:

– Rolling a peanut from London’s Goldsmiths College to 10 Downing Street using only his nose to protest student debt.
– Strapping a 27lb turkey to his head and walking backwards for eleven miles while yelling at overweight people (to highlight obesity).
– In a protest against people who take pebbles home from the beach, he planned to do cartwheels from Brighton to London (57 miles) with two 12 lb. rocks tied to his ankles. McGowan collapsed after 4 days.
– Leaving a water tap running for one year to bring attention to how much water people waste. The project was abandoned after he was threatened by legal action.

McGowan now plans to leave a car running for a year to highlight air pollution! As you can imagine, environmentalists and city officials are lining up to voice their opposition.

Is this art? Let us know what you think.

We’ll be back with a new podcast soon.

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