Art a GoGo Podcast #10 – AAG on Tour in London! Day Two

Show Notes:
– Listen to the MP3 of podcast #10

Art a GoGo on Tour in London – Day Two
– Soundseeing tour of the Tate Modern
– Soundseeing tour of the Tate Britain
– Shut down by security at the Tate Britain!

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2 thoughts on “Art a GoGo Podcast #10 – AAG on Tour in London! Day Two

  1. Busted! Busted!

    I can’t believe you two actually got busted at the Tate! I was listening to the podcast while having my morning coffee at a coffee shop near the office. When it got to the point that you were busted, I laughed out loud – and of course everyone turned around to see what was happening.

    I only have one small suggestion: I know that you don’t want to do a lot of audio editing, and the realtime/live feeling of the podcasts are absolutely great. But, sometimes the audio levels jump from a whisper to loud church bells and back again, so it means that your listeners have to keep adjusting the volume on their mp3 players. If you could do something to normalize the audio levels it would help a lot.

    Great podcasts! Keep them coming.


  2. Thanks for your comments Lem! I only wish that I had continued recording when the security guard tapped me on the shoulder. They actually called for a back-up security guard, so my first instinct was to turn it off. Good point on the sound levels. In some situations when we’re around other people in a gallery, we try to moderate our voices a bit. In the future, I’ll see what I can do to boost the audio levels of the segments that are quieter so the sound levels are more consistent.

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