Art a GoGo Podcast #8 – Soundseeing Tour of the Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA

Show Notes:
– Listen to the MP3 of podcast #8

– Link to Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz
Exhibit explores the touch of humans on the landscape – Santa Cruz Sentinel Article
Donald Lipski on Artnet
John Ruppert “Four Pumpkins”
Wendy Ross “Bloom”
– Kendall Buster from 2004 interview on NPR’s Morning Edition (click on Gallery to see “Garden Snare”)
Link to The Mary and Harry Blanchard Sculpture Garden
Link to the museum store

Discussion about Requiring Developers in Capitola, CA to Commit Funds to Art Projects
Art, Government Don’t Mix – From the Santa Cruz Sentinel
Public art ordinance brings up questions “Sunnyvale and Mountain View are the only two cites within the Valley to require public art from new developers.”
– Will requiring developers to install art yield the desired result?

This week’s Featured Music
– Courtesy of The Woodsmen (Santa Cruz Band)
– Album: Get Out of Here Alive
– Thanks Jamey (drummer and bartender extraordinaire)!

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– Intro song “Open Your Mouth” courtesy of Secret Dakota Ring

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