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Art a GoGo Podcast #7

Show Notes:
– Listen to the MP3 of podcast #7

– We forgot to mention it during the show, but many thanks to Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show for recording a show ID for Art a GoGo!

– Take a virtual ride on the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster

– Quick review of DVD #3 and #4 of the Live Aid Concert… the good, the bad, and the ugly

– How to plan your visit to a museum. Link to 2003 Art a GoGo story “How to Learn More about Art Part Five: Visiting an Art Musuem

Art in the News
Gushing Faucet Could Land Artist in Court

The Art Of The Steal

Art Director Fired After TV Discussion
Daily Show aims to turn Broward’s Controversy exhibit into comedy
WARNING: STORY CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT Controversy’ show lives up to its name Art depicting Bush getting sodomized prompts complaint to county official

Contest Winner!
– The winner of the Winner of our “Create Your Own Masterpiece” contest is Dave Mihaly
Link to Dave’s winning entry “Round Midnight” on the Basquiat website

Link to Artist Dave Mihaly’s website on
– Dave wins a t-shirt from our Cafe Press store
– Thanks for entering the contest!

Sister Randy
Sister Randy makes a guest appearance
– This week, we feature an episode called “Pull my Finger

Support the Arts poster

Podsafe Music from the Podsafe Music Network
– Close today with a song called “Push” by Brother Love
Brother Love on Podsafe Music Network

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