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Art a GoGo Podcast #3

Show Notes:
– Listen to the MP3 of podcast #3

– Web Cam from the Santa Cruz Wharf looking out at the famous Steamer Lane. Click on the “Surf cam, tides, and weather link” on the left side of the web page. A little foggy this morining!
– Link to a Google satellite image of the Santa Cruz Wharf. I didn’t have a specific address handy, so I did a search for Riva Fish House (our regular spot for a quick dinner)

Learning About Art
– Discussion based on original Art a GoGo piece “What is art?”
One-day wonder on display – Doug Fishbone (30,000 bananas)
Public queue for art takeaway
Rock Balancing Act – Rock Art
Artcylopedia – A great on-line resource for information and images.

Art in the News
Senator Rebukes Getty

Artist Stages 9/11 ‘Falls’ From Museum Roof
Eric Fischl’s “Tumbling Woman” (related to “Artist Stages 9/11 ‘Falls’ from Museum Room”). Eric Fischl’s website. NY Daily News rticle on Fischl “Rock Center’s disservice to art.”

Man of steel: Richard Serra’s new installation at the Bilbao Guggenheim is courageous, sublime – and even puts Frank Gehry’s architecture in the shade. By Robert Hughes
PBS Art:21 Series on Richard Serra
– Photo: Richard Serra. Call Me Ishmael. 1986. Cor-Ten steel. The piece was on loan to Stanford from Doris and Donald Fisher (GAP Founder). Not sure where it is now.

No more cover-up of nudes at Justice Dept

Art world goes gaga for Chimp’s works, good business or monkey business?
No Chump Change for Chimp Art

Supporting the Arts
Tsunami art show plans unveiled
List of Tsunami Relief Effort Organzations

Podasfe music to close the show….
– “Don’t Call Me” – Paul Wood Band
– Paul Wood Band on

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– Intro song “Open Your Mouth” courtesy of Secret Dakota Ring

Post show comments:
– We made some changes to our sound mix. The volume was good, but it turned out a little over-modulated this time. We’re still learning and tweaking, so stay tuned.
– Kathleen and I really appreciate you taking the time to listen! Thanks for your support and comments.